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Tales from the Not-So-Distant Future (continued)


Chapter 2

Vignettes from the e-Knowledge Future

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“Input Once, Use Anywhere”

  • Consolidation of Knowledge Standards. ASTD’s platforms were initially compliant with SCORM 1.2 and have progressed through SCORM 4.0 as the core standards for knowledge reuse.
  • Fusion of Learning and Knowledge Management. ASTD/KMI’s platform has achieved interoperability, enabling the fusion of knowledge management and learning.
  • Automated Knowledge Creation and Indexing. One of Delgado’s fundamental reasons for selecting the KMI platform was its use of automated tagging, indexing, and taxonomy generation. Over time, these tools have become even more robust, dramatically reducing the cost of knowledge reuse.
  • Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools. Artificial intelligence has combined with intelligent agents to interpret natural language queries and deliver knowledge as needed.
  • Knowledge Reuse Architectures. Over time, ASTD has achieved its vision of reusing and repurposing knowledge objects in any setting and context.

Delgado has used these capabilities to fuse performance measurement, ASTD’s distributed processes, and knowledge management.

Cost Accounting for the Cost and ROI of Knowledge. Over the past five years, Delgado has progressively implemented activity-based costing, allowing ASTD to benchmark and measure the improvement in its processes. These measurements have become a fundamental element in ASTD’s enhancement of its relationship with members and non-member customers.

e-Knowledge systems are context neutral.

Bill Redeen


Users Group Becomes Community of Practice in Ambient e-Intelligence. Because of the leading-edge capabilities made possible through the KMI applications platform, its users group has become a recognized community of practice in ambient e-knowledge.


Through participating in this community, Ynez Delgado has gained fresh insights on the use of ambient e-intelligence by leaders in different industry sectors such as: Defense Technical Information Center, repository of research and development for US Department of Defense (DoD); Defense Acquisition University, winner of distinguished distance learning program of the year; Cable & Wireless, a leader in ambient e-intelligence applications, and others.

Resources of Interest

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