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Transforming e-Knowledge  
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Vignettes from the e-Knowledge Future


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Chapter List

  1. What is e-Knowledge?
  2. Vignettes from the e-Knowledge Future
  3. Paths to the e-Knowledge Future
  4. Technologies, Standards, and Marketplaces for e-Knowledge
  5. Infrastructures, Processes, Capabilities, and Cultures
  6. Best Practices, Business Models, and Strategies
  7. Achieving Success in the Emerging e-Knowledge Industry
  8. Resources

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Terms & Concepts

Tales from the Not-So-Distant Future

Other Visions

Understanding Our e-Knowledge Future


Storytelling is essential to having a conversation about change. It’s a fundamental instrument in the knowledge navigator’s toolkit. And it’s easier to confront today’s challenges by thinking from the future backward.

Vignettes from the e-knowledge future include snapshots from the everyday lives of denizens of the Knowledge Age. These vignettes are drawn from all over the globe. Perpetual learners engaged in formal and informal learning experiences. A manager of a pharmaceutical company dependent on continuously refreshed tacit knowledge. A faculty member at a successful distributed learning enterprise. The chief solutions officer at a major enterprise. An active member of a professional society that is indispensable to his practice. The chief learning officer at a government agency leading the way in strategic learning. A manager of a blended learning center. The relationship development officer at an e-content exchange.

Also included are snippets of vignettes created by other future voyagers with references to more complete information. Planning from these futures backward provides the vision pull that enables the development of expeditionary e-knowledge initiatives and migration paths.


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