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Transforming e-Knowledge
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10 Ways to Accelerate Your Readiness for e-Knowledge



Chapter 7

Achieving Success in the Emerging e-Knowledge Industry

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There is no cookbook for preparing your organization for e-knowledge transformation. No formulaic process or canned consulting methodology will guarantee success. Building the perspectives, visions, infrastructures, processes, and capabilities needed to transform current practices to embrace e-knowledge is an expeditionary venture requiring years to accomplish. And the jump shifts required may necessitate discontinuities in current practice.

A number of actions at key pressure points can make a dramatic difference, starting immediately. Some can enable your enterprise to engage its leadership, staff, faculty, learners, members, and other stakeholders in formative conversations that will elevate their e-knowledge perspectives and build capabilities. Others will develop plans, pilot projects, and new infrastructures and capabilities. Some will collect and reflect on best practices and competitive intelligence. The sum total of such actions can accelerate your organization’s readiness for e-knowledge. They can also stimulate the expected cycles of reinvention in e-knowledge strategies, business models and best practices.


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These initiatives should not be treated as independent, one-time, or even sequential activities. Rather, they should be integrated into organizational processes for planning, development, management, and operation. Moreover, they should be used as the instrument for reinventing those processes to reflect the strategic importance of e-knowledge. To succeed in the Knowledge Economy, your organization must harness and transform the capacity of individuals and the organization as a whole to acquire, manage, and share knowledge. Such expeditions require changes in your enterprise’s knowledge ecology.

These initiatives are organized using the structure of the three-part model of the indicators of the e-Knowledge Economy. We have purposefully reversed the order, beginning with best practices, business models, and strategies. This formulation is a superior instrument for capturing the attention and evoking understanding from everyone in the enterprise from grassroots to top leadership.


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