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Transforming e-Knowledge
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Tracking the Indicators of the e-Knowledge Economy (continued)



Chapter 3

Paths to the
e-Knowledge Future

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  • Many corporations regard knowledge management as a strategic function and have placed it high in the executive structure. However, while many have invested substantially in knowledge management they are yet to reap significant returns on that investment.
  • Many practitioners in corporate settings hold high hopes for the merging of learning with knowledge management. They see this merging as a potential means for making learning more strategic and for giving knowledge management a means for interacting more effectively with employees and suppliers.
  Using these lenses, one can follow the progress of e-knowledge in theory and practice. These lenses enable us to understand current practice and anticipate future processes. These efforts will accelerate over the next few years. As standards, processes, and marketplaces develop for e-content while organizational infrastructures and competencies advance, so will the state of reflective practice.



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  e-Learning allows learning and performance professionals to do things we have always wanted to do: to deliver learning and information immediately; to deliver everywhere; to coach; to empower individuals; to collect and distribute best practices; to increase dialogue; to bust through the classroom walls; to increase community; and to know who is learning, referring to source materials, and contributing.
Allison Rossett