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TABLE OF CONTENTS     Infrastructures, Processes, Capabilities, and Cultures   © SCUP 2003
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Processes, Communities of Practice, and Culture (continued)



Chapter 5

Infrastructures, Processes, Capabilities, and Cultures

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For example, Richard Hames believes that enterprises are characterized by a distinctive blending of competing knowledge metaphors, mixing elements of “the cathedral” and “the café.” To some extend, this blending is a sort of “brand” portraying the role and flow of knowledge in the enterprise and beyond.


Over the next decade, successful enterprises will change the dynamics of their knowledge ecosystems. To do so will require new levels of individual and organizational competencies and changes in leadership, processes, infrastructures, and cultures as summarized below.


The Cathedral


The Café

Ordained leaders
Sacred dogma
Code and protocols
Prescribed culture
The “official story”


Leaders at all levels
Heretical ideas and passion
Open source activity
Networked community
Emergent stories

Adapted from: Richard Hames, 2002.

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  People-first organizations, not task-first ones, spawn hot groups that focus tirelessly on tasks.

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