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Transforming e-Knowledge  
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Transforming e-Knowledge

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Chapter List
  1. What is e-Knowledge?
  2. Vignettes from the e-Knowledge Future
  3. Paths to the e-Knowledge Future
  4. Technologies, Standards, and Marketplaces for e-Knowledge
  5. Infrastructures, Processes, Capabilities, and Cultures
  6. Best Practices, Business Models, and Strategies
  7. Achieving Success in the Emerging e-Knowledge Industry
  8. Resources



Donald M. Norris
President, Strategic Initiatives, Inc.

Don is well known as a thought leader, researcher, and consultant. His book, Transforming Higher Education: A Vision for Learning in the 21st Century (1995) was instrumental in providing a framework for advancing the concept of transformative e-learning in the late 1990s. Dr. Norris has also written E-Business in Education: What You Need to Know (1999) and Expeditions in E-Business for Associations (2000 and 2001 editions). He consults on knowledge transformation strategies with a leading-edge set of educational institutions, technology-enabled solution providers, and professional societies and non-profit organizations. He is a frequent speaker at educational and professional meetings on the subject of organizational transformation, expeditionary strategy, and the realignment of enterprises to Knowledge Age imperatives.


Jon Mason
Executive Consultant, education.au limited and Assistant Director, IMS Australia

Jon has an advocacy role in developing interoperability standards relevant to Internet-enabled education and training in Australia. Through education.au limited his focus is on supporting collaborative initiatives and building knowledge networks aimed at achieving mutual benefit. Jon's responsibilities have recently included Acting Director, IMS Australia; co-Chair, the Dublin Core Metadata Education Working Group; member of the IEEE LTSC; Australian delegate, ISO/IEC JTC1 SC36, IT in Learning, Education and Training.


Jon is also Chair, Standards Australia IT-19-1; Member, Standards Australia Knowledge Management Reference Group; Member, Australian ICT in Education Committee, Standards sub-Committee; co-lead, IMS Global Learning Consortium, Digital Repositories Interoperability Working Group; and, member of the MOBIlearn Advisory Group. Jon is well respected for his perspectives on e-learning, interoperability standards, and knowledge networks.


Paul Lefrere
Director of Networking and Partnerships, Centre for Educational Technology Interoperability Standards, University of Wales and British Open University

Paul is widely recognized for his insights on reusable information objects and related tools; knowledge creation, innovation, and exploitation; and Web-based learning services. Dr. Lefrere’s association with the British Open University has led to a variety of new, mass market Open University courses and other breakthroughs in technology-based teaching. He has worked with a wide range of relevant organizations, including IMS Global Learning Consortium, IEEE LTSC, CEN/ISSS, NSF, JISC and European Commission's PROMETEUS. He has worked with many European corporations. Dr. Lefrere frequently is invited to speak on topics relating to e-learning and knowledge management at international meetings.


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